Unfeeling- lacking physical sensation or sensitivity.

John Pearson is an alpha of the Silver Moon Pack. Like most alphas, he’s cocky, handsome, and most of all a bully. He’s Mr. Popular at his high school and he loves the attention. Also dating the school slut like any cliche story. But like any other wolf, he needs his mate and he will be surprised to see him too. Yes ‘him’ because his mate is a guy. Aaron Whitman is a boy with a condition he called “Unfeeling” because out of his entire family he’s the only one who can’t feel. It’s not just normal feeling like pain, it’s also the feeling of the water on his skin and when he would receive a kiss before bed. And like he thought many times “if I can’t feel it then I won’t know it’s there.” Then you bring this boy and have him meet the Mr. Popular of Silver moon high, what would happen then?

WARNING: This is a boyxboy story so please don’t read it if you don’t like it.